June 30th, 2011

Dreaming to have a successful business?

Of course, everyone wants to achieve this, but the main question is how? Basically, every business provides their specific goals and plans in order to reach the so-called “success.” In fact, majority of the businessmen formulate intensive regulations and policies that may greatly help in achieving proper managing and at the same time, with profit maximization of the business.

As technology improves, the computers also became popular equipment and they turned out to be one of the essential assets in every business establishments. But, having computers with limited securities and information can never be useful. It is the reason why Technology Consulting Company became known. Aside from various strategically business plans and procedures, internet and computer policies must also be observed.

One of its main features is the so-called CUP or “Computer Use Policies.” The term enclosed numerous benefits and provides an effective business transaction. With the use of Computer Use Policies, your business is fully protected. Employees and customers will truly understand your company’s framework.

In our existing organizations, security is one of the biggest concerns. Computers are commonly used in our daily record keeping, communication, management filing and other business activities. With these, leaders of the organizations must learn how to utilize computers together with their proper monitoring. They are also expected to engage in internet and computer policies.

Computer Use Policy describes concrete and clear way in outlining the “do’s” and “don’ts” of the business offices. It also formulates rule in managing electronic information. It is a must to acquire policies in order to achieve security and privacy issues. With the help of Computer Use Policy, businesses will be protected from any types of threats. This may also help in spending your business time in the most effective ways.

On the other hand, misuse of networking, information resources, or computing may lead to computing privilege restrictions. Typical examples of this include utilizing computer even if you are unauthorized to manage and using other electronic mails in harassing other people.

Take a look on this example. Some organizational employees utilize the email for their personal reasons and sometimes they surf on the web even during office hours. This situation continues to plague today’s industry and the business must be protected. Majority of the employers monitor their computer usage which totally invades their employee’s personal space. This action is said to be unethical. In order to ease this concern, employers must clearly illustrate all the acceptable actions in the workplace. Your business encloses technology and therefore, it has the right to defend it. Same with Computer Use Policy, it has the power to secure all your business information with regulations of your business all clearly stated.

Computer Use Policy is of great help to manage your business as well as your employees. You can also plan more specific arrangements to achieve proper utilization of every resource. Suitable business plans in achieving better workplace can also be attained. It simply serves as your guide in fulfilling your success in business. This is your time to have a “Computer Use Policy.” Make this one as soon as possible to reach your expected business goals and missions. This will ensure that your business is running as smoothly as you have expected to happen.

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June 30th, 2011

As workers find new and creative ways to use the web, organizations struggle to maintain control of the corporate network while empowering employees, partners, and other stakeholders with access to critical functionality. A staggering number of new applications have emerged and the number grows daily. Complicating matters is the fact that what is considered a “good” versus “bad” application is no longer a clear-cut issue. Some applications are intended purely for business purposes and are carefully designed to minimize security risks and maximize productivity. At the other end of the risk continuum are applications programmed to steal data, corrupt computers, and disrupt network activity. A huge variety of applications fall into the gray area between these extremes.

By employing Application Control from WatchGuard, organizations will realize a variety of benefits. In addition to regaining control over the corporate environment, IT administrators actually have more power over applications than in the past. As a result, they can keep pace with the ever-evolving application universe and satisfy corporate and user demands. In fact, by applying policies that control application usage, administrators ensure employees and others can conduct their work as needed, that they stay focused and productive, and avoid potential legal problems associated with the use of unauthorized applications. Just as important, with comprehensive application control in place, organizations can be certain of limiting their security risks and preserving corporate bandwidth for applications and usage consistent with corporate objectives.

Reprinted with permission from Watchguard.

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June 2nd, 2011

What if your business got hit by a tornado and what if, in that same storm, your IT Company got hit by a tornado? Well, that is what happened in Joplin, MO. Luckily for John Motazedi of SNC Squared and his customers, he had a disaster recovery plan. You see John’s company, SNS Squared, and Unicom Solutions Group, Inc. have something in common. We are both members of HTG Peer Groups for IT Companies. Part of the growth you see in Unicom is due to the fact that we belong to this group, which shares ideas, best practices and now a disaster recovery program.

Just announced at HTG’s annual conference last month, a new program was started called Hands that Give. Hand that Give is an emergency relief fund and volunteers that will step in and assist any HTG Member who needs help recovering from a natural or personal disaster. Those disasters can be natural like Tornadoes, Fires, or Hurricanes, but also may be personal illnesses like Heart Attacks, Car accidents or other personal health issues.

In John Motazedi’s case it was a natural disaster. The tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri, completely destroyed his office (pictured above). However, all of his data and his customers’ data, email and websites were backed up to offsite servers. Then his HTG group stepped in. 11 HTG members, including the president Arlin Sorensen, gathered up chain saws, trash bags and shovels and headed to Joplin. They helped John recover materials from the building, assisted in restoring offsite backups to a new temporary location, got his office SIP lines rerouted to a cell phone so they could receive calls and provided planning and ideas to help John and his IT clients keep running even in the face of this huge disaster.

Hands that Give – The Strength of Community – What is it?

More than an association of individuals with shared experiences —or even similar objectives — the best communities are defined by common cause, a degree of interdependence and great trust. And the strength of a community is most apparent, not when times are good, but rather in how its people pull together and respond to a disaster or tragedy befalling a fellow member. It is this very special function of community that is fulfilled by the Hands That Give Emergency Response Fund.

Whether it’s disaster like a fire or flood, or a personal crisis such as death or divorce, unfortunate events can have a terrible impact on a business’s operation. Established by HTG Peer Groups members, the Hands That Give Emergency Response Fund provides associated small business owners with essential financial assistance or donated equipment and services that will carry their companies through such difficult times. And by standing together in support of peers, colleagues . . . friends in difficult straits, we’ll help them see the return of brighter days.

Please join me in taking this opportunity to foster a true sense of community within the HTG Peer Groups by becoming a contributing Hands That Give member.


Arlin Sorensen
CEO, HTG Peer Group

So why is it advantageous for you to work with an IT Company that has its own disaster recovery plan? If your business is also damaged, you need to know that they (your IT provider) can be back up and running quickly so they can help you get your business running ASAP.

Rest assured that Unicom Solutions Group, who has flourished for 20 years in business, will be there to help our local customers recover from whatever disaster may occur. And now that Unicom has available the “Hands that Give” funding and technical peer support, we together could survive even a direct hit from a F5 tornado, God forbid that should ever happen here. Please join us in wishing our friends in Joplin not only our condolences but also our support as they strive to get back to normal. Our hearts also go out for the lives that were lost in Joplin last week.

Roman Sawycky, President of Unicom Solutions Group an HTG 19 Member Company.

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