January 7th, 2014

SearchIt’s very easy these days to lose items from your keys, your wallet to simple hats & gloves. Being separated from your technology devices is a little different and has many ramifications. Extreme care must be taken to protect and assure your devices are where you think they are. No-one really takes keys anymore or even a wallet. However SmartPhones are pricey and often sought-after items that predators can sniff out. It’s probably not a great idea to leave your devices in your car, especially out in the open. Always lock your car and close the windows. Don’t give anyone a reason to reach into your car.

With all that said, things will get lost or stolen. There are several devices, services, and apps that help to track down lost/stolen tech items. Mind you, there are no guarantees in life, but sometimes it pays to be proactive. If you’re willing to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars on electronics, you may want a little insurance. Take your time and evaluate services such as LoJack for Laptops,, Lookout Plan B, Find My iPhone, Prey Project (Corp) and Carbonite Mobile just to name a few. I’m not here to endorse a particular product or service yet to relay the idea of using services such as these for your mobile devices. If you use your device for work (BYOD) your employer may offer you these as part of their package.

Roman Sawycky, Unicom Solutions Group, Inc.

January 2nd, 2013

The Unicom Client Communicator is a powerful tool that we deploy to every desktop. The UCC is a system tray icon that can be used for a wide array of self-help tools as well as easy access to system information, our service and support web site and more.

UCC offers the following features, with more to come.

Support Center – Direct link to all support services

Email our support team – Click here to start an email request to our team

Client Portal – A quick and easy way to the client portal.

Customer Satisfaction Survey – We value your feedback. Do take a moment and let us know how we are doing.

We continue to improve our management and support tools in order to offer the best proactive services and user experience possible.

Unicom Solutions Group
President, Roman Sawycky

March 30th, 2011

Due to recent events, when an employee is terminated it is important that we block all of the possible access that the previous employee may have. If the employee requires access to their own personal files we could perhaps allow for a supervised access to their old files in order to recover some contact names or personal files. However for the most part this will be rare as any of the information that is present on a company computer is company property. It is not recommended to keep personal files on company accounts and under company logins. If there is a special case brought forward however, only supervised access to the account pre-deletion will be allowed, one time before the employee’s account is deleted for good.

Because of the potential security risks that could entail from having unused company accounts we must be vigilant and make sure that any of these remaining accounts are deleted and amended from our system. Accounts set for immediate review and deletion belong to previous employees who were terminated, laid off or even those who left voluntarily. Making sure any useful company information and reports are saved, please ensure access to the account is terminated without the loss of important company information. By getting rid of old accounts we should also be able to optimize our server space and open up more storage space for the company. This may involve consultation with other departments for verification of documents, but the immediate concern once an employee is no longer with the company, is changing access to the account so they can no longer get into company files.

We should continue to encourage better passwords in the workplace to prevent access to our company files from outsiders and competing companies. Keeping our servers free of security threats is important to the functionality and productivity of our business. It is important that IT can gain access to all accounts for monitoring purposes as well as troubleshooting. Secondly it is very important that employees keep confidential company information to themselves.

It is important that we control the important information within our company and keep it secure. If we all work together to keep this information secure we can maintain our productivity and functionality in the workplace. Thank you very much for your co-operation in this matter.

Your IT Dept.