Defy, Save, and Extend

Defying Disruptions

Unicom Solutions understands the detrimental effects that downtime can cause to a small- or medium-sized business. That’s why it is essential that companies have the right tools in place to recover from it. We defy disruptions with a unique combination of planning and protection to make sure your business thrives even in the face of potentially debilitating downtime events.

Our disruption-defying solutions help your business:

Prevent disasters

by localizing files, tracking edits, and streamlining your hardware and software to optimize your business day.

Extend networks

enjoy secure connections from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Fortify its defenses

through expert planning, implementation, monitoring, auditing, and management of your security solutions.


maximize productivity and fortify security systems while ensuring regulatory compliance requirements are met.

Power, Cooling & Racks

Equip data centers with the right power protection and cooling solutions as well as racks, enclosures, and accessories for your vital IT equipment for optimal performance at all times.

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