Defy Disruptions

Unicom Solutions understands the detrimental effects that downtime can cause to a small- or medium-sized business. That’s why it is essential that companies have the right tools in place to recover from it. We defy disruptions with a unique combination of planning and protection to make sure your business thrives even in the face of potentially debilitating downtime events.

Our disruption-defying solutions help your business:


Communicating thru a crisis

An emergency response plan needs to be practiced to build confidence that it will work should a real-life event happen. The best way to get through a tragic day and its aftermath is not only to have an emergency response plan in place beforehand, but to have practiced its components regularly. Key players need to be prepared to take care of the three Ps – people, perception (the company brand image), and participation in the recovery (business resumption). The experience of managing an emergency response is much more than a plan on a piece of paper. It’s a holistic program. It involves a mindset and a culture, which ultimately manifests as a response capability.


Fortify its defenses

through expert planning, implementation, monitoring, auditing, and management of your security solutions.



maximize productivity and fortify security systems while ensuring regulatory compliance requirements are met.


Power, Cooling & Racks

Equip data centers with the right power protection and cooling solutions as well as racks, enclosures, and accessories for your vital IT equipment for optimal performance at all times.



When all the people in your office work from networked computers to share documents and applications, transfer information back and forth to each other, access the Internet, and send emails, all that computer data travels from one place to another over networks…



Using the state-of-the-art email hosting systems, Unicom can configure and manage the email and web mail systems you business needs to run smoothly – and at a fraction of in-house costs, including managing contacts, calendars, tasks, and public folder space, as well as sharing…


Junk Mail Filtering

When it comes to email security, when, how, and where security breaches are detected and stopped can make a world of difference in how well your email system works, how secure your communications and data remain, and how efficiently and cost-effectively your business runs…


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