We Keep You In Control


On Demand Services

Get access to a flexible, efficient, and all-encompassing IT department with just a phone call.


Total Control

From hardware, to software, to licenses and warranties, Unicom handles the full scope of your technological needs, keeping IT control within the hands of your company.


Facility Opening and Relocation Support

Opening a new office? Moving to a different location? How will you keep business running when it’s time to pack up and move your computer equipment or before ramping it up in your new facility? Do you know how to plan your new space to get the most of your technology there?…


ISP Master Agent

Most business owners do not have the time nor expertise to shop and compare carriers and rates for their phone and Internet needs. That is where a Telecom Consultant comes in. Most phone carriers look to sell you the plan that is best for them; not necessarily for your business.


Junk Mail Filtering

When it comes to email security, when, how, and where security breaches are detected and stopped can make a world of difference in how well your email system works, how secure your communications and data remain, and how efficiently and cost-effectively your business runs…


Video Conferencing

In a day and age dominated by technologies like computers, TV, and video games, video communications are increasingly important in the business world. Most people today assimilate information more effectively when communications include a visual component…


Video Surveillance

Keeping facilities safe and secure is crucial to the success of your operation. And IP (Internet Protocol)-based video surveillance makes your security systems more powerful, convenient, and cost-effective than before…


Web Development

Is your website current? Customers and prospects count on your website to stay informed about your company, your pricing and what you have to offer. From website design and logo creation to eCommerce solutions and Internet Marketing Strategies, Unicom provides everything you need to get a Web presence that’s both beautiful and effective…


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