Why Sub-Contract Information Technology

Who makes sure your computer systems are designed optimally to support your business, that they give you capabilities to enhance your competitive edge, they work the way they should, stay up and running all the time, provide you with a strong return on investment, keep your workforce engaged and productive, and keep your work and information safe and secure?

Employing professional staff with the right skills for this role can be costly. Assigning these tasks to
professionals whose main jobs and expertise are outside of IT can jeopardize your systems and business, besides siphoning off much needed resources from core business tasks.

Outsourcing information technology (IT) support for computers, email, Internet-based services, software, electronic data transfer, mobile and wireless devices, and telecommunications, can make your IT systems more powerful and effective and give you a competitive edge in your markets.

Outsourcing entails hiring a contracted specialist to handle all your needs or to supplement your existing IT staff. Outsourcing all or part of the IT lifecycle, from planning, installation and training, through maintenance, updates, and ultimately recycling and renewal, can have significant benefits to the success of your operation and your bottom line.

The benefits of outsourcing IT support range from improving your business capabilities, improving costs — getting more value from every dollar you spend on IT, and improved focus on your core business, including:

  • Operational improvements, i.e., shorter turnaround times, improved customer service, up-to-the-minute capabilities, more productive workforce
  • A better IT system, i.e., better security, more uptime, easier document management, more reliable mobile
  • Lower costs due to economies of scale
  • Getting your money’s worth from your technology investment (better ROI)
  • Freeing internal resources to concentrate on core business functions
  • Greater flexibility in getting what you need when you need it
  • Higher quality service due to dedicated focus and expertise of the your IT services professionals
  • Control of budget
  • Faster setup of functions and services (outside normal business hours)
  • Lower ongoing investment required for internal infrastructure
  • Greater ability to control delivery dates (eg: via penalty clauses)
  • Access to greater expertise
  • Increase flexibility to meet changing business conditions
  • Ability to readily enact best practices

Basic functions, such as e-mail, storage, and securityare functions businesses need 24-hours-a-day. Rather than struggle inefficiently with these services internally, outsourcing allows you to source them externally from an expert with the right know-how to make sure you’re covered. These third-party experts keep up to date with everything from new vulnerabilities, new hacker tools, new security products, new monitoring and notification methods, and new software releases.

A professional IT services provider also can help you:

  • prove that any IT spending contributes to actualbusiness growth
  • deliver more business intelligence to the organization
  • enhance business processes
  • engage customers
  • sharpen focus on the strategic goals of the business
  • all while delivering more reliable and robust IT services to the organization

Today’s businesses are literally crippled when IT services fail. The benefits of outsourcing IT go far beyond cost-cutting and efficiency, but contribute to your business’s long-range success.