Client FAQs

How do I request service?

Log into your service portal and create a service ticket and include as much information as possible and be as descriptive as you can. You may also send us an email to For emergencies, call our Helpdesk 908.654.0900. Please do not report new issues multiple times or email our techs directly. This will only delay our ability to service you.

How do I start a new project?

New Projects are best discussed with your Sales Team. Please contact your Sales Team by dialing them directly. For routine items such as PCs & printers, please use our Quick Tasks found in the Support Center.

How do I request product pricing?

You can always contact your Sales Team directly. For routine items such as PCs & printers, please use our Quick Tasks found in the Support Center. If you are ready to make an immediate purchase, be sure to tell us and we’ll send you an order form for signature approval.

How does your ordering process work?

We are happy to send out budget summaries or thumbnail documents. These are designed to offer you a ballpark idea on the project costs. We are also happy to send out electronic quotes and/or proposals. These can be approved online securely and your deposit payment can be taken right there too. Once the order has been received and accepted, it will be assigned a ticket # and implementation shall begin.

What is the purpose of the Ticketing system and all these updates I receive via email?

Each item that we work on whether a support item or a work item is assigned a ticket number. Under this ticket item we can track all communications, product shipments, resource scheduling and much, much more. Information is usually relayed via email and you may reply directly back and your responses will be automatically attached to the ticket. When the item is complete, a history of all events is available should an audit become necessary. Our technicians are only dispatched off these tickets.

Why can’t I call a technician directly?

You certainly can, particularly when you are working on an ongoing issue, with an open ticket. But, we ask that you send new requests via the methods above. This prevents delays in us responding to your request when a particular tech is tied up with another client.

Why do I see different technicians working on my network?

We try to send out the same tech as often as we can, but this isn’t always possible due to scheduling conflicts and emergencies. Our techs spend a lot of time cross-training and stay in constant contact with each other. This is important to you for when you have a problem, every Unicom tech can take on the case. This is the advantage of working with a company with a team of techs rather than with one-man consultant.

Why do I need an IT Designee or Point of Contact (POC) and an alternate?

The IT Designee is our primary contact for all of the installation, support, and problem solving issues. The alternate assumed these duties should the primary not be available. It will help us provide service in a timely manner without any unnecessary delays. If Unicom is to provide other individuals ongoing information, it is the IT Designee’s responsibility to provide Unicom with the additional contact details and to notify the alternate contact.

Who is responsible for data backups and un-saved files?

The client is responsible to maintain a restorable backup rotation. Unicom will review procedures and advise as needed. Service may be delayed if proper backups are not available. The customer is also responsible for his/her own desktop data saving. If a PC is to be worked on and there are open, un-saved documents, Unicom will not continue.

Are there any special facility needs?

The client will assure adequate electrical connections are available where network equipment is to be located. All data jacks must be properly labeled referencing back to the wiring data closets. A working phone near the networking equipment is very helpful.

What if I lose or forget my password?

Unicom is not responsible for lost or forgotten passwords.

Why do I receive my Renewals so far in advanced?

Here at Unicom we want to make sure that our clients are up-to-date on all their subscriptions. Unlike other companies which send out notices up to 90 days in advance, our experience shows 30-60 days notice is sufficient. Lapsing subscriptions will be costly and not renewing timely incurs late fees and possible reactivation fees.

What are acceptable forms of payment?

Unicom gladly accepts any major credit card, checks or ACH. Credit cards are the most efficient way to settle your invoices. We won’t accept phone orders on credit cards, sorry. Please access the financial portal available in the Support Center and select your payment options there.

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