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Looking for the best and brightest

Unicom Solutions strongly believes that a company is only as good as its team members. We strive to hire the most highly qualified applicants for a wide range of challenging and fulfilling positions and offer our team members competitive compensation packages, advancement opportunities and an exceptional work atmosphere.

Do you want to enjoy coming to work?
Do you want to see your efforts recognized?
Do you want to be in an environment where your decisions count and make a difference?

Unicom is a rapidly growing organization with a purpose to manage computer networks for its customers. In order for us to be successful we are always looking to add members to our team who are eager to learn, share our core values and shape this expanding marketplace.

If you are interested in exploring an opportunity with us, please click here for our application form. Please compose and attach a cover letter and resume to the application. We will not accept incomplete submissions. Be sure to check out our tips below.

Available Opportunities:

Prospecting Opportunities:

Resume Tips

  • the resume should be accompanied by a cover letter
  • the resume should have a brief introduction or benefit statement as to why you should be hired by Unicom
  • include full name and street address for your permanent residence
  • include phone #’s and specify land, cell, other
  • list education with most recent/current 1st
  • list job history with most recent/current 1st and do not list jobs from 6+ years ago
  • avoid fancy fonts/headings. Be simple, neat and professional
  • tell us about your personal life
  • limit resume to 1 regular printed page
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