Facility Opening and Relocation Support

Transitions without the tribulations

Opening a new office? Moving to a different location? How will you keep business running when it’s time to pack up and move your computer equipment, or before ramping it up in your new facility? Do you know how to plan your new space to get the most out of your technology there? Do you have all the resources you’ll need to get you up and running on time and on budget?

No-one looks forward to the prospect of a relocation - but Unicom can help ensure you have one less thing to worry about.

Relocations can be a real headache, with the inevitable disruption and inconvenience you know they bring with them. But it can be different - Unicom provides opening and relocation support that keeps your business running and secure during a transition, and also sets you up so that your computers, email and phone systems give you the best value possible.

Facility Opening and Relocation Support services from Unicom include:

  • Relocation – of your entire network, servers, workstations, and printers
  • Service Move Coordination – including internet, web site, email and phone service
  • Workplace Cabling - whether your office is a new or existing building
  • Cabling Diagrams - setup your new infrastructure on a reliable foundation

Unicom’s Facility Opening and Relocation Support services include everything from assessing data and telecommunication needs, and coordinating third-party vendors’ services, to helping you schedule logistics, recommending cabling configurations and conduit systems, and even small details such as the best furnishings to house computer equipment.

With us on your side, you will be up and running at your new location in no time. Our skilled staff have years of experience in assisting companies with office moves, and we are poised to do the same for you. Office moves can be overwhelming at the best of times, but by partnering with Unicom you can take the stress out of the process and focus on getting down to work at your new desk.

Ready for a hassle-free opening or relocation?


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