ISP Master Agent

Most business owners do not have the time nor expertise to shop and compare carriers and rates for their phone and Internet needs. That is where a Telecom Consultant comes in. Most phone carriers look to sell you the plan that is best for them; not necessarily for your business. They tend to over sell you with products or services you do not need and not get you the best available price. Your business is unique to you and so are your telecom needs; why not get the solution that fits your needs best. And perhaps, worst of all if you contact 10 carriers yourself; then you will have 10 salespeople constantly calling and/or emailing you to get updates.

By spending just a few minutes with one of our telecom consultants; we can help you access your telecom needs and find out exactly what you are looking to accomplish in your unique business. We listen and access what you really need. Then we go to work to come up with the best solutions for your business. We shop the various phone carriers for you. And you will have only 1 point of contact instead of many.

We are led by a team of experts and are dedicated to providing you with competitive pricing and the highest technology. Typically, we get lower pricing from the phone carriers then you would by going directly to them. But more importantly, we develop the solution that makes the most sense to your business. We also explain things in layman terms; not the telecom lingo; thus you can really understand the services you will be getting.

So let our expertise save you both time and money by letting us provide you with the highest quality of service for your telecom needs.

Plus, once you are our customer, you will continue to get ongoing support from us. The typical Phone Carrier Employee is on to the next customer once the sale is made and you are stuck fending for yourself with Customer Service.

Our commitment is to you, our customer, and not to the telecom carriers. And maybe Best of All, our telecom consulting service is FREE to you.
We are compensated by the various phone providers.


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