Video Conferencing

In a day and age dominated by technologies like computers, TV, and video games, video communications are increasingly important in the business world. Most people today assimilate information more effectively when communications include a visual component. Sharing visual material in a traditional face-to-face meeting is not always feasible when working with people in geographically distant locations, however, especially given the high cost of business travel.

To break down time, distance, and cost barriers, companies are increasingly turning to solutions like video conferencing, video on demand, and real time streaming that are easily accessible and tie in with the business’s other applications and resources. These solutions enable companies to powerfully connect with everyone from the one person who really counts, to thousands of employees, customers and partners, all in a highly scalable and cost effective way.

Unicom offers videoconferencing systems that allow your business to leverage visual communication across your entire organization — from individual desktops to large conference rooms.

Unicom can tailor the scope of a system to suit the needs of your organization:

  • Immersive telepresence solutions provide a natural, “across the table” experience where every meeting participant is shown in true-to-life dimensions. You’ll speak with and read the body language of others – just as if you were all in the same room.
  • Powerful high definition solutions for room environments expand real-time knowledge sharing and collaboration for faster, more informed progress and decisions.
  • Personal Telepresence solutions seamlessly extend clear, high definition video to home offices, mobile users, branch sites, and beyond.

These systems deliver exceptionally life-like voice, video, and data conferencing experiences. They can be integrated with existing corporate database, directory, and security structures for greater security and productivity. They provide complete solutions for video-enabling all or select parts of your organization, including management applications, video conferencing platforms, recording and streaming servers, video content management, secure remote access, and a full suite of partner solutions.


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