VoIP Telephone Systems

Phone costs can be one of the highest expenses a business or organization faces, especially if it deals with contacts outside its local area. Unicom can help your operation save up to 50 percent on phone expenses, and also give you better communication capabilities, by helping you switch to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system.

VoIP phone systems transmit voice communications, like telephone calls, as well as video and data communications over the Internet or a private IP network instead of conventional phone lines. This saves money because most companies have unlimited Internet service for one fixed cost.

In addition, VoIP phones can also improve productivity, flexibility, and business continuity capabilities.
Beyond cost savings…

Flexibility: A VoIP phone system gives you the flexibility to do business from any location with access to Internet service. Also wireless VoIP phones can work anywhere around the globe that has a Wi-fi hot spot, so you’re not tied to one geographic location. If you move desks, relocate offices, or even work from home or the road, there is no need to switch extensions or forward calls. Just take your phone with you.

Simplicity: A VoIP system allows you to simplify your communications infrastructure because it uses a software-based broadband connection, eliminating the need to install and maintain phone cables and cords.

Features: Features that typically cost more with conventional phone service are generally included in VoIP service plans, and VoIP phones also let you send media files such as text, images, and video along with voice data. Users can even use web cams while calling, for cost-efficient and reliable video conferencing.

Productivity: VoIP systems let you extend consistent communications services to all your employees in their workspaces, whether they are in main campus locations, at branch offices, working remotely, or are mobile. And since Unicom makes it easy and cost-effective to switch to a VoIP system, you can begin reaping the benefits immediately.


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