Wireless Connectivity has never been simpler

Going wireless gives you the flexibility to work where, when, how, and with whom you need to get the job done right. Whether you’re collaborating in a colleague’s office, sharing information in a conference room, multi-tasking by looking something up while you’re in the lunch room, or simply need a change of scenery to stay focused and productive, unplugging makes it possible.

The key to effective wireless capabilities is always having a strong and reliable signal where and when you need it. At the same time, you have to protect against unauthorized access to your wireless network, which can compromise the security of your entire hard-wired local area network (LAN), all your work, proprietary information, and email system.

Just because you're connected doesn't mean you have to be attached. We can bring you wireless connectivity that provides unmatched reliability, scalability and peace of mind - transforming your business into a more productive, efficient and profitable organization.

When installing a wireless LAN, it is important to pick locations and channels in a way that minimizes interference. A site survey determines the presence and use of any existing items, such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, and HAM radios using the same radio frequencies as the wireless LAN, that will interfere with a strong and secure wireless connection. Then after installation, periodic follow-up site surveys will identify any new sources of interference and keep your wireless system working like new.

Another key component of a strong, secure wireless network is network monitoring to be sure the hard-wired LAN is not being exposed to unauthorized users. This can often happen when users set up their own wireless LANs, which often have little or no security and pose a risk to the entire LAN. Proper network monitoring and the right utilities can detect the presence of rogue wireless LANs.

Network management will also protect you from security threats and network interruptions from wardriving, which is a form of hacking, and will detect other wireless signals that may be present at your facility.


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