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The wireless Intern

The wireless Internet backup plan your team developed for the Mountainside Library was successfully deployed today and has saved the day!

Due to the weather, the Mountainside Library is now in a partial blackout. We lost part of our electric service and our Internet connection to the state hub. But a quick cutover to another Internet provider on our network switch (a capability made possible by Unicom’s backup plan) has restored connectivity to all of our PCs. No loss of productivity. No loss of access. No loss of patron services.

Mountainside Public Library

It started out like any other day for the employees at Beeferman, Huber CPA’s. They came to work, got their coffee and started their day. That’s when a catastrophic failure occurred on their server. In the world of accounting, this is not good news, especially during tax season. Read more

Huber, LLC.

Paul J. West

Belting Industries has worked with Unicom since 1998. They have consistently performed well and have helped us avoid downtime. We would recommend them to anyone who wants high performance and productivity.

Belting Industries Co., Inc.

This past weekend w

This past weekend was the final piece to the puzzle for A-1’s move to Long Island City. We spent the entire weekend moving our Harlem warehouse to its new location in Queens. It was the perfect end to a project that couldn’t have been so successful without Unicom’s contribution.

We were faced with starting this move right in the middle of the Christmas season which is our busiest time. We have always handled our moves internally but the time wasn’t right and I wouldn’t have been able to give it my full attention. I needed someone to watch over this project as if it was me and Unicom was the right choice.

We gave Unicom the task of insuring that our network was set up in our new location and integrated with our network. I was a little apprehensive at first but Mike Sadowski did a great job being the lead on the project and put my worries to rest. He not only handled Unicom’s part but managed the other vendors involved with the network setup. He constantly updated me and even when I wasn’t able to give him my full attention he never lost focus on the goal of completing the project on time.

On move day I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the job your company did. I expected there to be some bumps in the road but it went perfectly. Even with the minor issue with the UPS Mike handled it with the utmost confidence and I never once was concerned that he wouldn’t solve the problem quickly. He stayed on it until everything was working as expected.

Great job and we look forward to partnering with you on projects in the future.

A-1 International Relocation

Unicom has been des

Unicom has been designing, installing, managing, and servicing all the computer network components at Subotovsky Architects since 2004.

Unicom’s services allow everyone here to focus on Architecture. Because we are confident in the exceptionally high level of skill, creativity, and capability of Unicom’s principle, Roman Sawycky, and his technical service staff, we take for granted that the files we value are backed up and secure. In addition, the file storage and sharing systems Unicom designed and implemented for Subotovsky enable us to more quickly access information required to service our clients’ needs.

When our firm expanded with a second office in New York City, Unicom was instrumental in making sure the two locations work together seamlessly. Some of us maintain offices in both locations, so it’s important we be able to access, share, and work on files from either one. This makes us more productive and speeds turnaround times on client work, as well as enabling us to better collaborate with fellow architects, draftsmen, engineers, and administrative and customer service personnel in a timely way.

Hugo S. Subotovsky Architects was recently featured in US Developers Journal in which they explained the competitive advantages they enjoy through working with Unicom, stating “Unicom is very good at what it does…When you don’t have to worry about the technology, it is liberating. It lets you focus on what is important: Architecture.” To see the full article, click here.

Hugo S. Subotovsky Architects

John Sari

I wanted you to know that you did a superb job in connection with the move of Van Dam’s office and manufacturing facility. We are very pleased how he dismantled the system and set it up at the new location without any major glitches. He deserves a pat on the back.

Van Dam Machine Corporation

Michael A Kessler

I would like to thank you for sending Mike Sadowski to perform our server maintenance. Once again he has been able to do this task proficiently and in a timely manner. We would like to request Mike to do our scheduled PC maintenance next month if possible.

CAD Manager
Leonard Jackson Associates

A-1 International i

A-1 International is a same-day courier service operating throughout the Northeast and other U.S. locations. Getting packages from point A to point B quickly and reliably is our bread and butter, but what sets us apart is how easy we make the process for customers and the comfort level we give them that everything is happening without a hitch. Our technology makes that possible because it enables customers to request service without calling, track signatures and deliveries in real time, receive notification of pickups and deliveries when completed, and much more.

Unicom has helped our computer networks run smoothly for over 10 years, keeping a watchful eye to head off disruptions, making sure our equipment and operating systems are up to date, making sure various parts of our network are communicating so everyone in the company has the same, up-to-date information, and making sure everything’s working at full speed.

The reason we’ve worked with Unicom so long is simple: we like their pragmatic approach to maintaining our network and solving problems. Unicom is reliable, absolutely trustworthy, and detailed and deliberate in its methods. Working with Unicom gives us a great deal of confidence and security – exactly what we work to give our customers every day.

In the years we have been working with Unicom, A-1 has grown nearly 5-fold. Unicom has played a key role in much of that growth and adapted to our changing needs along the way. When A-1 acquired another company, effectively doubling our size, Unicom built a new network to create a seamless infrastructure throughout the newly expanded organization. The project was successful and well done, due to Unicom’s knowledge, diligence, and focus.

Unicom is very responsive, quick, and they follow through on tasks until successfully completed. All of their staff members bring a consistently high level of expertise and professionalism.

To succeed in our marketplace, A-1 has to come through for our customers. Unicom has helped us do just that by coming through for us.

A-1 International

Mark A. Perilstein

As you know it was a very trying day with our server being down. When this office goes through its daily work routine, I never realized just how much my company relies on the server. Even though my business is Architectural Glass and Glazing, it’s behind the scenes I see that the computer runs the company.

Vice President
Kosson Glass, Inc.

Art Nathan

Solution Strategists has been working with Unicom for more than seven years and I am a raving fan! Solution Strategists is a value-added provider of accounting, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management software. We know technology and we know when a technology company knows what it’s doing.

Solution Strategists

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