As an accountant, you help your clients meet financial obligations, and protect, manage, and grow assets. You tell them of tax laws they need to follow. You’re there when they need you.

As your field relies more on technology, who’s there for you when you need them? Who keeps your systems working right so you can meet your obligations? Who helps you protect and grow your business?

Meet Unicom, your technology partner for intelligent, efficient, cost-effective computer products, services, and support that allow you to focus on your clients’ needs and your firm’s success.

Accounting and financial firms have a unique set of technology requirements. In order to meet client needs, your data must be private and protected and your CPAs, bookkeepers and staff need constant access to their computer systems. In order to keep profits up, your network must be reliable and your software must be up-to-date and fully integrated.

Unicom understands how important reliable technology infrastructure is to businesses in the accounting and financial industries.

Here's how we'll position your company for success:

We'll partner with your business to find the managed service plan that meets your needs and budget. Let us show you how we can increase billable hours - and your bottom line.

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